What is the Archive?

, the film, offers four distinct perspectives on K.R. and her story. But we didn’t want to stop there. We wanted to see how far we could go in telling this story, expanding into as many different media as possible. 

That’s why we invited our Kickstarter backers to share their own perspective on K.R.’s story. By donating to our Kickstarter, backers could receive a segment of the tape, which they were able to use to create their own Unwound-inspired work of art. Submissions could be in any medium—painting, video, performance art, mixed media, or anything else—as long as it was based off the tape. All of the work submitted now lives here, on The UNWOUND Archive website. 

We want to expand Unwound into a platform for showcasing the work of as many different artists as possible. That means giving you a way to get your work seen, heard, and experienced—and hopefully opening up new avenues for creative collaboration with other talented artists. We plan to roll out The UNWOUND Archive to more participants in the near future. Look out for information on our site and social media channels for updates.