UNWOUND is a Staff Pick on Kickstarter!

Less than 24 hours after launching our Kickstarter page, Unwound has made it to the top of the Staff Picks! This is such an incredible opportunity for us to reach out to new audiences. We are so grateful to everyone who's donated so far—now we need your help to keep the ball rolling!

Donating now will help us keep Unwound on top, and every bit helps bring us further to our goal! Even if you can't donate, please share our Kickstarter page among your friends and family to help get the word out. And don't forget to like us on Facebook and follow us on twitter to keep up with all the latest updates on the film and The UNWOUND Archive.

Thank you all so much for your continued support!

–The UNWOUND Archive Team

Staff Pick
Posted on November 16, 2012 .