The UNWOUND Poster Series (2 of 4)

We are proud to present the second of four official posters for Unwound, this one brought to you by designer Alex Tatusian. Alex’s poster represents K.R./Social, the segment of the film that will be directed by Dan Bello.

“As she records her tapes, even around others, K.R. exhibits fragility—manifest in the insecurities of any social being—alongside a deep confidence,” Alex told us. “We wonder about her impetus to record the tapes in the first place, and find ourselves unwittingly admiring her. She veers away from design and pretense. My poster is about celebrating the intimacy and hard-won nakedness of K.R.’s heart.” 

K.R./Social by  Alex Tatusian

by Alex Tatusian

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Check back tomorrow for the next poster in the series. In the meantime, peace and goodwill from
The UNWOUND Archive Team

Posted on December 7, 2012 .