The UNWOUND Poster Series (2 of 4)

We are proud to present the second of four official posters for Unwound, this one brought to you by designer Alex Tatusian. Alex’s poster represents K.R./Social, the segment of the film that will be directed by Dan Bello.

“As she records her tapes, even around others, K.R. exhibits fragility—manifest in the insecurities of any social being—alongside a deep confidence,” Alex told us. “We wonder about her impetus to record the tapes in the first place, and find ourselves unwittingly admiring her. She veers away from design and pretense. My poster is about celebrating the intimacy and hard-won nakedness of K.R.’s heart.” 

K.R./Social by  Alex Tatusian

by Alex Tatusian

Like our poster series? You can get a limited edition copy of the poster of your choice—or the complete set—by donating to the film on Kickstarter.

Check back tomorrow for the next poster in the series. In the meantime, peace and goodwill from
The UNWOUND Archive Team

Posted on December 7, 2012 .

The UNWOUND Poster Series

We are getting ready to officially launch The Archive, UNWOUND’s user-generated art collection! To kick off this exciting new phase of the project, we will be unveiling the first submissions to the Archive: the UNWOUND Poster Series. 

We commissioned a group of talented graphic designers to create the official posters that will represent the four segments of Unwound. Each poster offers a different perspective of K.R. to correspond with the unique thematic and artistic focus of the segment it represents. The first of these four posters is brought to you by designer Joey Cofone. Joey’s poster represents K.R./Alone, the segment that will be directed by Michael Marabella, the project's creator.

K.R./Alone by  Joey Cofone

by Joey Cofone

“There is something to be said about the parallels between old technology and human death.” Joey said of the inspiration behind his poster. “Both are artifacts of the past; one occupies dark shelves in our basements, the other gathers dust in the murky corners of our memories. It's morbidly fitting to use actual cassette tape in this poster.”

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow when we post the next poster in the series. In the meantime, be sure to check out our Kickstarter, where we are giving away a limited edition copy of the poster of your choice (or all four) as a thank-you for donating to the film. You can also donate to become a collaborator and have your UNWOUND-inspired work featured on The Archive.

Our warmest and most sincere regards,
The UNWOUND Archive Team

Posted on December 6, 2012 .

The UNWOUND Diaries, Chapter 1

Casting for Unwound will begin this week!

Directors Michael Marabella, Dan Bello, James Berry, and Brendan Steere will be holding casting calls for the four roles of K.R., and we've already received a ton of submissions from young actresses in the New York area.

To kick off this crucial phase of production, we sat down with our friend, actress Alyssa Kempinski, to give you an inside look into the director/actor relationship. Alyssa came in to do a cold read for us, and director Michael Marabella walked her through a scene from the tape (which you might recognize from this blog entry). Michael worked with Alyssa to discover the intention and emotion in the scene, and the drive behind K.R.'s character, in order to craft a performance that captures some of our impressions of K.R. Also on hand to help light and shoot this short monologue was cinematographer Nick Stango, who will be working with director Dan Bello on his segment of the film.

Check it out below:

This screentest was a brilliant opportunity for us to see how the K.R. tape might translate to the screen, and how an actress can really bring this character to life. "This is something I've never done," Michael reflected, "but I think it really helped us know what to look for while we are casting, and what works and doesn't work in trying to recreate K.R." Alyssa gave a wonderful performance, which makes us even more excited to see what the auditioning talent can bring to the table in the weeks ahead.

We encourage you to watch (and share!) the video above, and to keep spreading the word about our Kickstarter. We want you to be a part of this project—we can't do it without your help.

All of the love,
The UNWOUND Archive Team

Posted on December 3, 2012 .

The K.R. Tape: March 21, 1976

Hello friends,

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We've got a little something to share with you as you're recovering from your tryptophan comas and Black Friday doorbusters: it's an excerpt from the 1976 cassette tape recorded by "K.R.," which inspired the UNWOUND project. Give it a listen:

This clip is particularly important to us: K.R. starts each entry of the tape with the day and month but not the year. Her reference to the Patty Hearst trial in this entry was the clue we needed to date the tape to 1976.

We've said before that one of the main goals of this project is to explore different interpretations—and representations—of this voice from the past. So we want to hear from you. What impression do you have of K.R. from this clip? Does she remind you of anyone you know? Sound off in the comments.

And don't forget: donate $30 or more through our Kickstarter, and we'll send you an exclusive digital download of another section of the tape, and an invitation to submit any work you produce based off that clip to The UNWOUND Archive, where it will be featured alongside dozens of other artists. We want your voice to be part of this!

Lots of warm, fuzzy feelings,
The UNWOUND Archive Team

Posted on November 24, 2012 .

Join the Archive. Become a Collaborator.

We've had an incredible first weekend of our Kickstarter campaign! Since launching on Thursday, we've received over $3,300 in donations. We are so grateful for your generosity and your support.

Now that the campaign is underway, we wanted to tell you a little bit more about The UNWOUND Archive.

The goal of our film, inspired by the 1976 cassette tape diary of "K.R.," is to explore the ways one person can appear in the eyes of others, as well as the ways that the memory of a person can come to influence others—even complete strangers, separated by many years. Part of what we want is for you, our audience, to form your own impression of this young woman, this voice from nearly forty years ago.

And we want to hear those impressions.

That's why we want to invite you to share your own perspectives on K.R.'s story. If you donate $30 or more through our Kickstarter page, we will send you an exclusive download of a segment of K.R.'s cassette tape, which you can then use to create and submit your own K.R.-inspired art to The UNWOUND Archive. By submitting your work, you will be joining a collective of artists that includes filmmakers, poets, painters, photographers, graphic designers, and more.

All art submitted to the Archive will be featured on this site, and (where possible) at any screening or promotional event that we host in support of the filmWhat we want is to expand Unwound into a platform for showcasing the work of as many different artists as possible, as well as creating a community that will foster artistic development and collaboration. That means giving you a way to get your work seen, heard, and experienced.

We really believe that there is a lot of potential in this project and we would love for you to get involved. If the idea of joining a unique artistic community appeals to you, or would appeal to someone you know, please visit our Kickstarter page and donate. Once the funding phase is complete, we'll send you more information on how to submit your work to the Archive.

Thanks again for your continued support!

–The UNWOUND Archive Team

Posted on November 19, 2012 .